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Window Opening Types You Should Know About

Every house has windows to allow proper ventilation and airflow. And while constructing the house of their dreams, one has to design window areas to add to the home’s beauty and allow proper ventilation and airflow into the house. Also, it is desired that the windows offer a clear view of the exterior.

While selecting a window type, one may ponder a variety of things such as the material used for the window, its design, opening types, tilt and turn windows, fixed windows, properties such as weather control, and cost. One should buy a window if all one’s requirements are met at a reasonable price. Also, the window installation process must be monitored to avoid unwanted issues. Ensure you choose the best window installation services to complete your window fitting smoothly.

In this blog, you will learn the various window opening types, guiding you to choose the best window that fits your home’s needs.

Types of Windows Based on Opening

Fixed Windows

These windows come in different shapes, such as circular, rectangular, square, etc. They also come in different dimensions. As the name suggests, they are fixed and cannot be opened. They are often chosen to give a clear view of the surroundings and proper light into the room. They are considerably affordable and easy to fix. However, one should not choose fixed windows for the entire home as they will not allow proper airflow. One or two windows of this type will be ideal.

Side Hung Windows

These are the most popular window opening types because they are very convenient. These provide good light and proper ventilation in rooms. However, these windows are unsuitable for heavy wind flow areas as strong winds can easily damage their panes.

Side Guided Windows

These windows don’t use hinges, unlike side-hung windows. The window glass is moved sidewards or slid to open or close the window. They give a more aesthetic look compared to side-hung windows.

Top Guided Windows

These windows are opened to the top with the help of a handle at the bottom of the glass. These are aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and suitable for rainy climates. They prevent the entry of rainwater into the home and are easy to clean and maintain. Choose these windows to give your home a stylish look.

Tilt-Turn Windows

These are the most famous window types. Tilt and turn windows have two different axes that allow the tilt and turn action for opening and closing. They can be operated as both bottom hung windows and side-hung windows with the help of a handle. They are the most appealing window models to homeowners as they give a stylish look, are affordable, and are easy to maintain.

Guillotine Windows

The two panes of window glasses slide on two different rails in opposite directions to be opened or closed. They can only be half-opened at any given point. However, they can give enough light and do not occupy much space.

Top Swing Windows

These can open to an astonishing 180°, allowing the rooms to be completely ventilated. They are easy to maintain but are not often available at every window service.

Final Thoughts

These are the various window types based on their opening styles. While some provide convenience, others add an aesthetic look to your home. So, browse some great catalogues and choose a window type that serves your needs in the long run and is easy to maintain.

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