Why Are Sports Cars Manuals?

If you’re wondering, “Why are sports cars manuals?” read on. The auto industry loves to revive old labels and brands, and manual sports cars are no exception. But before you dismiss these cars in favor of flashy automatics, let’s look at the long list of iconic manuals. Many of them still put the best automatics to shame. Manual sports cars were a way of life for decades, and their storied history should not be forgotten.

As the demand for automatic transmissions increases, fewer sports cars offer manual transmissions. Not only does this require more research and development, but it’s not always economically feasible for car companies to produce them. Even if people do still prefer manual transmissions, the trend is diminishing in popularity. And in general, fewer people want to drive a manual vehicle, so there’s less demand for stick-shift cars.

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As a result, many new sports cars are ditching the option. In the 2020 model year, less than fifty new cars will feature manual transmissions. And this number is likely to decrease even further. In places where fuel is more expensive, manual transmissions are no longer as effective as automatic transmissions. And because of this, manufacturers are increasingly turning to automatic transmissions in order to compete with automated transmissions. But a manual transmission isn’t the end of the world, and sports cars still offer plenty of thrills.

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A manual transmission offers a much more engaging driving experience. It’s also less logical than an automatic transmission. In contrast, a crossover SUV is a perfectly logical option but is not as fun. Sports cars are about driving experience, and manual transmissions are an important part of that. So, even if they are expensive, they’re well worth it in the long run. You’ll also save a lot of time and money compared to an automatic.

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