Why Are All Space Photos CGI?

Have you ever wondered why all space photos are CGI? Well, the first step to understanding this question is to understand the origin of space photos. These images are derived from real photographs, but they are enhanced and colour-coded. Colour-coding allows scientists to distinguish between elements that are not visible. This way, the pictures can be manipulated to look different from their real counterparts. The same concept applies to photos from space missions.

It’s no secret that NASA and other space agencies regularly alter photos of space. But it is important to understand the scientific rationale behind these changes. In addition to ensuring that images look authentic, these photos are enhanced for scientific reasons. Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter explains, space agencies take photoshopped images into account for scientific reasons. However, some people might be skeptical about the scientific rationale behind such actions.

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Those who think that all space photos are fake are wrong. Most fake images contain real images of the moon or the Milky Way, but they are not. In fact, they are not. The images are real, but the photographers have applied different filters to each image. Then, they merged these images to make the final result look as if it were taken by the spacecraft. A fake photo will be difficult to spot and will make your eyes glaze over.

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