The Three Best Penny-Pinching Rebate Apps To Help You Save Money

Did you know that you can scan your receipts and earn cash back on some of your purchases all because of a rebate app?

A Statista survey from June 2020 discovered that 88% of Americans use coupons on their everyday purchases. Rebates apps allow you to redeem your receipt and earn cash back on select products to earn money back.

We will discuss the top four penny-pinching rebate apps to help you save money as the standard of living While you are navigating the world of savings, you can put that towards enjoying your favorite games on Casino777.


Ibotta allows you to get cash back on many foods, personal care, and other miscellaneous items. If you download the app and input a referral code from a family member or friend, you will both earn $10 once you scan your first receipt.

Choose the store in which you will be shopping. You can browse rebate offers on products in all categories such as pantries, fruit and vegetables, dairy, candy and sweets, baby and toddler, and miscellaneous. Click the plus button on each rebate listing to save it to your list xfire.

For Walmart and Target, as long as you have your account and an affiliated card connected, you can earn cash back automatically within 24-48 hours after your purchase. You must use the linked card on your account to get receipt-free cash back.

If you prefer the scanning receipt method, you can use any debit or credit card or pay with cash at the store, reassure yourself that you have your offers saved, and then submit the receipt by taking a picture copy economictimes.

Most rebates allow you to redeem an offer 1-5 times. Look for the limit on the rebate listing. For example, some snacks may allow you to redeem the offer up to five times on the receipt.

When you go shopping, if you are not sure if a specific variety of the product matches the rebate or not, go to the listing, click “Check product barcode” and scan the UPC utilizing your smartphone. You will get a green check mark of approval if

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards goes about rewarding you rebate cash differently than ibotta. You receive 10% of what you paid for the product in the form of points to your Fetch account. For example, if you paid $1 for a two-liter of Pepsi on sale, you will get 10 points.

There are more than 300 affiliated brands that give you bonus points when you scan your receipts. 1,000 points equate to $1 earned. Once you have accumulated at least $3 to $5 in points, you can redeem a Visa gift card, Walmart or Target digital gift card, or a host of other stores and restaurants to choose from.

The points take some time to rack up depending on if you are doing special offers or not. However, over time, you can save hundreds of dollars every year the more you redeem the offers.

The days of clipping coupons have advanced to a more virtual experience. Download the app on PlayStore or Apple App Store. When you load the app, you can clip digital coupons that you want to redeem.

Go to the store to purchase the product that fits the description of the digital coupon. Some stores allow you to connect your loyalty card to the app so that you do not have to send in a picture of your receipt.

For big box stores such as Walmart and Target, you would have to save your receipt, scan the products to match the digital coupons and send in a copy of your receipt to get your cashback. Once your submission is approved, the funds will be sent to your PayPal account.

Final Thoughts

Using rebate apps can stretch your funds and help you to put the extra money towards filling up your car with gas or paying small bills. Which of these apps do you think would be your favorite one? Let us know in the comments mytoptweets!

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