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How to Disable the Amazon Alexa Built in to Your Laptop

Having an Amazon Alexa on your laptop can drain your battery. While it might seem useful, the new laptop functionality is not without downsides. One of these is that “Alexa” requires your computer’s microphone to be open in order to respond to “Alexa” commands. It will also snoop around on your private life and track your search habits. If you’d rather not have a laptop Alexa, try disabling it in the settings menu.

Fortunately, the Amazon Alexa app for Windows is pre-installed on most HP systems. If you’d like to use the voice assistant on your computer, you can request that HP Jump Start Concierge install it for you. Once installed, Alexa is ready to use and requires a working internet connection. You can customize the settings later if you wish. To get started, sign in to your Amazon account.

You can also use the Toolbar Remover to remove the Alexa from your computer. The application includes a free 5-hour Remote Support via GoToAssist. The Support Team can solve your Alexa problem in a few minutes. You should also use a reliable antivirus program to detect any malware that might be on your laptop. The software also has an active protection module. This protects you from Alexa’s attacks.

Lenovo also added support for the Amazon Echo Show smart display software to Lenovo laptops. You can use the laptop’s touchscreen to control Amazon Alexa’s skills, such as setting reminders, reading eBooks from Audible, and viewing recipes on the screen. The Show Mode also lets you make voice and video calls from the Echo Show. This feature is free for most Lenovo laptop models, so it’s easy to uninstall.

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