Google Keep: An online diary

//Google Keep: An online diary

Google Keep: An online diary

Google Keep could be An online diary service developed by Google. Launched on March twenty, 2013, Google Keep is obtainable on the net and has mobile apps for the automaton and iOS mobile in operating systems. Keep offers a range of tools for taking notes, together with text, lists, images, and audio. Users will set reminders, that square measure integrated with Google currently. Text from pictures is extracted exploitation optical character recognition, and voice recordings are transcribed. The interface permits for a single-column read or a multi-column read. Notes are colour-coded, and labels are applied for the organization. Later updates have another practicality to pin notes, and to collaborate on notes with different Keep users in the time period.

Google Keep has received mixed reviews. A review simply when launch in 2013 praised its speed, the standard of voice notes, synchronization, and therefore the contraption that would be placed on the automaton home screen. Reviews in 2016 have criticized the dearth of data format choices, inability to undo changes, Associate in Nursing an interface that solely offers 2 read modes wherever neither was liked for his or her handling of long notes. However, Keep received praise for options together with universal device access, native integration with different Google services, and therefore the choice to flip photos into text through optical character recognition.


Google Keep permits users to create completely different styles of notes, as well as text, lists, images, and audio. Users will set reminders, that square measure integrated with Google currently, with choices for time or location. Text from pictures is extracted victimisation optical character recognition technology. Voice recordings created through Keep square measure mechanically transcribed. Keep will convert text notes into checklists.Users will choose from a single-column read and a multi-column read. Notes are colour-coded, with choices for white, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue or grey. Users will press a “Copy to Google Doc” button that mechanically copies all text into a brand new Google Docs document. Users will produce notes and lists by voice. Notes are categorised victimisation labels, with a listing of labels within the app’s navigation bar.


In Nov 2014, Google introduced a period note cooperation feature between totally different Keep users, also as a hunting feature determined by attributes, like colour, sharing standing, or the sort of content within the note. In Gregorian calendar month 2016, Google additional the power for users to pin notes. In Gregorian calendar month 2017, Google integrated Google Keep with Google Docs, providing access to notes whereas victimisation Docs on the online. Google Assistant may antecedently maintain a searching list among Google Keep. This feature was affected by Google categorical in Apr 2017, leading to a severe loss of practicality. In July 2017, Google updated to keep it up mechanical man with the power for users to undo and redo changes

Google Keep was launched on March twenty, 2013 for the mechanical man software and on the online. The mechanical man app is compatible with mechanical man Wear. Users will produce new notes victimisation voice input, add and mark things in lists, and consider reminders.

An app for the iOS software was free on Sep twenty of twenty-four.


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