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Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designer salaries vary from employer to employer, as well as between self-employed designers and salaried ones. The initial salary for a fashion designer is typically low, and it also varies depending on the experience, education, and skill of the designer. According to the BLS, the lowest ten percent of full-time fashion design salary was $73,790 in May 2016. However, these figures do not take into account the cost of living in different areas.

To begin, a fashion designer will research the latest fashion trends and identify what will be popular in the near future. After deciding on the theme and styles, the designer will begin developing original designs. The fashion designer will choose the fabrics, colours, and patterns for a collection, and they’ll also decide what embellishments or other details will be included. Once a design is finalized, a fashion designer must then market it to consumers and oversee its production.

Fashion designer salaries vary greatly by city, degree, and number of years of experience. Starting salaries for fashion designers are around $41,750. However, salaries for senior designers can reach more than $102,270. It is recommended to earn your degree before pursuing this career. In addition, experience as a fashion designer is important. The salary is dependent on the location. Fashion designers in New York make the highest salaries, while those in Paris earn the lowest.

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