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Avoid Looking Bulky by Wearing Clothes That Are Too Big

Avoid looking bulky by pairing oversized pieces with a tighter or fitted bottom. This goes for tops, pants, and jeans. Oversized sweaters and pants also look great with a pair of fitted ankle boots. If you must wear oversized clothes, here are some ideas for you. You can dress up a loose sweater or oversized coat by pairing it with fitted trousers. To avoid looking too baggy, pair an oversized sweater with a fitted blouse or jacket.

Oversized pieces are often associated with lazy days. Oversized, shapeless clothing is often deemed “lazy day” clothes, so people don’t feel bad wearing it. However, oversized pieces often look unflattering, so choose your pieces carefully. Be sure to try on oversized clothes before you buy them. If you can’t find the right size, buy one two to three sizes larger. However, oversized clothes can still look unflattering if you don’t try them on before making the purchase.

Shirts should be two inches past your waistband and stop mid-fly. Long shirts are unflattering and can make you look shorter than you really are. A well-fitting shirt can give you the perfect shape and flatter your figure. It also makes you look smaller. Even if you’re wearing jeans or a dress, the right shirts can help you look slimmer. However, the perfect size should still fit your body perfectly.

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