A Newcomer’s Handbook to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Featuring Redfinger

The alluring Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds MMORPG is an open-world gacha game. For those just starting out or those wanting to optimize their gaming, this guide is here to help. It includes vital tips and tricks for beginners, as well as a catalog of useful activities and things to be aware of.

Selecting Your Avatars and their Accompanying Servants

When beginning the game, you will decide which server to join and pick a character class. All characters are well-made and you can add more characters as you play. In addition, the game has a multi-summon rerolling system of 10 times to get Familiars. As a new player, Mite, Suiryu, and Oroboros are recommended Familiars, as well as three 3★ Familiars of your choice.

Key Goals

For a successful beginning in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, it is wise to prioritize certain goals.

In order to get to Level 38, complete Story Quests, Reputation Quests, and Swift Solution Quests. This progress marker unlocks game modes and features that are necessary for the development of the character.

Crafting Supplies: Evermore provides an opportunity to fabricate weapons and armor with the help of appropriate recipes, materials, gold, and Territe. Strengthening your gear significantly boosts your fighting potential and longevity.

Dungeon Boosts at Farms: Access and investigate the exclusive Boost Dungeons, limited access stages that possess essential resources for increasing your Familiars and Gear. Clear the toughest stage you can for the best results.

Incubate or Tame Companions: Incubate eggs of Familiars by utilizing Gold and Heart Stars or tame them in the world map by giving Brighterflies Biscuits. Enhancing your Familiars grants noteworthy CP increases.

Farm Co-op Leaders: Fight World Bosses and Field Bosses to get accessories that give major CP and stat boosts. Make accessories if none are acquired, and make the most of farming by taking out Field Bosses several times within the allotted length of time.

Become Part of a Kingdom: By joining a Kingdom, you will have access to a range of features and rewards. These could include items in the general shop, buffs, and special items from the Theatre and Auction Shop. Make sure you make use of these perks as soon as you can.

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Enhancing the Strength of Your Characters

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If you would like to give a boost to your characters in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the following tips should be kept in mind:

  • Equipment: It is important to select your gear carefully and routinely enhance, upgrade, and add Gems. Enhancing your level, collecting enhancement stones and duplicates, and obtaining varnishes all contribute to making your equipment stronger.
  • Strengthening Familiars: For increasing the CP of your character, search for rare and powerful Familiars. Level up, evolve, awaken, improve, and equip these to raise your CP to the max. Gather items like Bean Pods, Evolution Fruits, Jellies, duplicates, and Familiar Toys for the process.
  • Gather a variety of objects such as Equipment, Familiars, Skills, Costumes, Emotions, Specialties, and Soulstones to gradually beef up your character. Accrue bonuses by amassing these items and slay monsters for additional CP-enhancing bonuses.
  • Progress: Increase your Achievement Grade by doing tasks like upgrading your weapons and Familiars, finishing story and reputation objectives, and beating monsters. This will substantially increase your Combat Power overall.
  • Different Ways to Boost Performance: Boost your Lucky Higgledy Level, take part in PvP Arena to acquire rewards and boost your rating, unlock and enhance Skills to enhance your battle capabilities, and make the most out of your Kingdom’s services and advantages to gain advantages in different aspects of the game.

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This beginner’s guide provides the understanding necessary to comprehend character development and resource management. For those who would like to explore further into the subject, the Redfinger Android emulator can be downloaded from, supplying users with a more detailed education.

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